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The Reutlingen manufacturer of tube bending machines PULZER now belongs completely to the TRUMPF Group.

Ditzingen, May 2001 - The TRUMPF Group has acquired full control over PULZER GmbH + Co. KG, the Reutlingen manufacturer of tube bending machines, effective May 1, 2001. Since the beginning of 2000, TRUMPF has owned a majority share of 75% of the machine manufacturer and has now, as was planned, bought the remaining 25% of the shares. These were previously held by the founding family Pulzer.

TRUMPF's participation in PULZER has proven to be an important synthesis of complementary technologies. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of machine tools and market leader in the field of lasers for industrial fabrication, TRUMPF possesses extensive expertise in the laser machining of tubes and profiles. TRUMPF PULZER is a leader in the area of computer-controlled tube bending and tube-end forming machines.Sophisticated tube bending techniques are, among other things, an important prerequisite for the hydroforming of tubes - a leading-edge technology, especially in the automobile industry.

During the past year, the two companies together have been able to offer customers a broad range of complementary technologies surrounding the machining of tubes and profiles. TRUMPF's sales and service networks have provided the necessary worldwide market presence. This will yield a significant increase in revenues during the current fiscal year. TRUMPF PULZER employs a staff of about 100 and now belongs to the laser technology division of the TRUMPF Group.

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