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New perspectives on Hydroforming in the USA

Andreas Trost
(Schuler Incorporated)

On June 6, 2001 Schuler opened their new Hydroforming Technology Center in Canton, MI. The start-up of the first of three hydroforming presses gained a good share of the attention at the new facility.

More than 200 guests watched as the Schuler Hydroforming prototyping team produced chassis rails. The hydroforming press, in short-stroke design, has a maximum closing force of 5,000 metric tons. In close cooperation with the American automobile industry and its suppliers Schuler will develop hydroformed components at the new facility in Canton. Thus, the critical phase of prototyping, in which the final process parameters are defined, can take place "on site" for American customers.

Partnership in technology

The opening of the new USA Headquarters & Hydroforming Technology Center on June 6, 2001, was an important step for Schuler within the framework of its corporate development. In his remarks, Dr. Horst Dienstbach, chairman of Schuler's board of management, designated the day as "a milestone in corporate history of the company." Schuler delivered the first press to the United States as early as 1895. Dr. Dienstbach continued his address saying, "a close partnership with our customers is a tradition at Schuler. Our investment in the new facility is also evidence of the importance we place on establishing a dialogue with users - users of presses, automation, hydroforming or lasers."

Metalforming professionals in Canton, MI

On June 7 & 8 Schuler welcomed 130 metalforming experts to its 6th Symposium, "Technology Trends in Metalforming Technology." In addition to technical papers, symposium attendees also had the opportunity to experience hydroforming "live". The Forum of Forming Technology, display booths set up by suppliers, also provided participants with the opportunity to discuss developments in supporting technologies.

Hydroforming workshop

On the second day of the symposium participants visited one of DaimlerChrysler's largest stamping plants in Warren, MI. With 15 large press lines producing over 130,000 parts per day, this plant is one of the most efficient in the greater Detroit area. The symposium concluded with workshops in which the participants had the chance to ask questions and engage the speakers in in-depth discussion. More than 70 participants joined the workshop about hydroforming, which included a live demonstration of the hydroforming press with a comparison of FEA results to real-world results, a brief look at the design and the function of a short stroke hydroforming press as well as additional information about new technologies such as warm hydroforming.

Schuler Inc.
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Canton, MI 48187

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