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International Conference on Hydroforming

Stefan Jäger
(Institute for Metal Forming Technology)

Conference Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. K. Siegert

The conference deals with hydroforming of tubes and extrusions as well as with hydroforming of sheet metals. The goal of this conference is to present the state-of-the-art in hydroforming. This will be done from scientific and industrial point of view. Furthermore, trends and goals for the future will be discussed. Four half day sessions will deal with the following issues:

  • Machines and Equipment
  • Die and Part Materials
  • FEM-Process Simulation
  • Hydroforming of Sheet Materials
  • Production Samples

The Conference brings together engineers from research and development, press manufacturing, press shop automation, tool design, tool and die shops, production planning and production departments. The papers will be presented either in English or in German. A simultaneous translation German-English and English-German will be offered. Experts from both universities and industry will present papers.
Thus an adequate mix of practice and theory will be provided.

Institut für Umformtechnik
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c. Klaus Siegert
Holzgartenstraße 17
70174 Stuttgart

phone: +49 (0711) 121-3840
fax: +49 (711) 121-3839
internet: http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/ifu/
contact: Stefan Jäger mailto:jaeger@ifu.uni-stuttgart.de

Institut für Umformtechnik (IFU)
(Institute for Metal Forming Technology)
Holzgartenstraße 17
D-70174 Stuttgart

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