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Hydroforming technologies: a key success factor

In recent years and especially now, in the midst of a deep economic crisis with its unseen, fierce competition, innovating companies must consider new, indispensable success factors when developing their products:

Since the introduction of hydroforming technologies in-house at Inoxveneta, our main aim was to find new ways of solving our customers' problems related to product development. The above are the areas where hydroforming really performs and provides the customer a competitive edge. With a special fluid-punch hydroforming press, capable of 6'000T closure force and 3'000 bar pressure, forming both sheet metal and tube, Inoxveneta can deliver:

Inoxveneta S.p.A.

Inoxveneta S.p.A. Sample Parts sheet metal

Naturally we do more than hydroforming: all the above is coupled to traditional sheet-metal operations such as punching, laser cutting, bending, welding and more.

Inoxveneta S.p.A.

Inoxveneta S.p.A. Sample Parts tubular

Inoxveneta is a lean and efficient medium-sized company set in north-eastern Italy (not far from Venice), specialized in the manufacture of customer-designed parts and assembled components using stainless steel and other metals, serving customers all over the world.


Inoxveneta S.p.A.
Via Podgora, 8
I-31029 Vittorio Veneto
phone: +39 (0438) 5021
fax: +39 (0438) 912265
email: info at inoxveneta dot it
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