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Hyundai Hysco starts to enter to Asian market with

Hyundai Hysco starts to enter to Asian market

Change the market circumference. Car production in Asia is occupied approximately 34% of global market share. Hyundai-Kia motor group has dramatically progressed in the car industry based on best quality policy since Korean government had to request for liquidity provision from International monetary fund(IMF) in 1997 because exchange rate gave Korean companies more cost merit in the world market. So, at the period, turnover of Hyundai-Kia motor group was sharply boosted so that the company was able to focus on quality issues. This progress is directly influent on its subsidiary company that had to modify their philosophy from quantity base to quality based organization. In addition to this market circumference, light-weight vehicle is the major trend of OEM car makers with regard to demands for fuel efficient vehicle and environmental standards.

Hyundai Hysco expends its hydroforming business Hyundai Hysco is one of the steel makers of Hyundai-Kia motor group which has mainly produced steel pipe for 30 years. Nowadays, Hyundai Hysco has expended its business field to automotive parts such as cold roll, TWB and Hydroforming complying with light- weight vehicle, cost reduction and dimensional precise in order to satisfy customer's needs.
The hydroforming Investment of Hyundai Hysco is as follows:
1) At the end of 1990s: Fundamental survey (material property, tube making technology, testing experiment for forming simulation, bench marking, etc.)
2) Nov. 2003 : Launched the first line of engine cradle for van(fully automated hydroforming line with 5000ton press, supply 200,000pcs per year)
3) Sep. 2005 : Launched the second line of engine cradle for compact passenger car (fully automated hydroforming line with 5000ton press, supply 800,000pcs per year)
4) Until 2008: Launched 4 more lines of engine cradle, chassis frame, A-pillar, side member, electronic applications, etc.

To make sure this achievement, Hyundai Hysco has continuously invested fundamental experiment, FE simulation and trained a majority of design/process engineers at the advanced company in Germany, Japan and USA as well as its facility. Furthermore, Hyundai Hysco is pushing its R&D ability to develop High Strength Steel hydroforming and light-weight material (Al, Mg Alloy) as well as under 45Kgf material hydroforming. - Hyundai Hysco is becoming No.1 supplier of hydroforming part in Asian market. Hyundai Hysco's business field with hydroforming technology is as follows:

1) Engine cradle(for Van, Passenger car)
2) Chassis frame side member(for SUV, Truck)
3) BIW(A-pillar, Roof rack)
4) Engine system(Exhaust manifold, Cam shaft)
5) Electric application(Range, refrigerator handle)
6) Sheet hydroforming development with light-weight material such as Al, MG Alloy.

To supply these parts, Hyundai Hysco is planning to install 4 more production lines (totally 6 lines) until 2008, which consist of from 2000ton small capacity presses to 10,000ton big capacity presses so that it will be able to produce 1,800,000 parts per year. It means that the company will make sure that the No.1 supplier of hydroforming part in Asian market after finishing its business plan. It can be explained not only Hyundai hysco’s business plan but also Hyundai-Kia motor group's global marketing.

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