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Institute of Production Engineering and Forming Technology, Darmstadt Presentation in

Since 1985 the internal high-pressure forming has been an essential part of research and development at this institute. In the foreground, there is on the one hand the scientific penetration of this innovative forming procedure, which has steadily gained importance in the recent years. On the other hand, by choosing practice oriented problem definitions, we are able to arrive at valuable conclusions for the transfer to industrial practice.

The research projects at the Institute in the field of internal high-pressure forming today consist of three major groups:

Unter Innendruck gebogenes Bauteil (PtU) 

Part formed with internal pressure (PtU)
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Internal high-pressure forming of plain sheet metal (PtU)
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The Institute has got a universal hydrostatic press with a maximum force of pressure of the upper tappet of 8,000 kN. The lower tappet provides a force of pressure of 2,000 kN. The axial force system is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders each of which provides 1,000 kN. With the dual pressure intensifier, pressures of up to 4,000 bar are realisable. The relevant powers, ways and pressures are metered by sensors and used for process controlling with the help of the PC-based metering computer.

PtU Darmstadt - Siempelkamp Pressen Systeme

The experiments are supported and accompanied by the use of FEM-simulations. Apart from an increase in process understanding regarding the flow of material, by visualising the forming process in a FE-model, one can calculate in advance important parameters relevant for the process as well as consider features critical for the forming process. The number of experiments is thus reduced to a minimum. For this, we use the FEM-Programmes of MARC MENTAT (implicitly) and PAM/STAMP (explicitly).


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Forum internal high-pressure forming

This forum is annually held on Thursday after Ash Wedensday and serves for exchanging information among experts from the companies and institutes of research, but also everyone who is interested in this technology. The active interest (in 1999 more than 130 participants came to Darmstadt) shows that this forum is an important meeting for the experts and interested in this technology. They present the current condition of research concerning internal high-pressure forming at the departments and the industrial experience. Furthermore, the forum shall be a starting point for joint ventures regarding superior problem definitions. In the course of the forum of 1996, for instance, the foundation of two VDI-committees for internal high-pressure forming dealing with the preparation of VDI directions, was agreed upon.

Institute of Production Engineering and Forming Technology
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