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Volkswagen relies on hydroforming for rear axle

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Image 1: Hydroforming press with 30.000 kN closing force
(Image Schuler Hydroforming)

Image 2: Hydroforming Press with Double Tool
(Image Schuler Hydroforming)

Image 3: Fully automated bending cell
Image Schuler Hydroforming)

Image 4: Trimming and flanging unit
(Image Schuler Hydroforming)

Image 5: Rear axle with 3 hydroforming components Main Tube, Filler Tube and Control Arm
(Graphic Volkswagen AG)

Image 6: VW Golf
(Graphic Volkswagen AG)

Image 7: Audi TT Coupé
(Graphic Volkswagen AG)

Schuler Hydroforming

With permission by Volkswagen AG and Schuler Hydroforming GmbH



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