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Seminar, Congress and Workshops


USA September 18 to 20, 2001

Detroit MI, U.S.A.

New Developments in Tube Hydroforming Technoloy 2001

Location TBA
Detroit, Michigan

contact: saksrob@sme.org

International Conference on Innovations in Tube Hydroforming Technology and Short Course On Tube Hydroforming Fundamentals and Applications.
Requirements for Hydroform Applications
Comparision between Hydroforming and Stamping
Presentation by Dana Corporation
Product Development for Tube Hydroforming
Progress in Tube Hydroforming R&D - Formability, Friction and Product Design
Presentation of Schuler Hydroforming
Aspects of Quality and Die Life in Tube
Lubrication in Tube Hydroforming - When to apply and how to evaluate
Presentation of AP&T USA
Correlation between Material Properties and Formability in Tube Hydroforming
State of the Art Process Simulation vs. Prototyping
How to Hydroform Aluminium Tubing
Presentation by Hydrodynamics Technology
Adaptive Simulation in Tube Hydroforming - A technique to reduce process development effort

ES October 18-19, 2001

Pamplona, Spain

3rd International Hydroforming Congress by Schuler Hydroforming

For more information and online reservation see http://www.schuler-hydroforming.de

Great Opening and conference for the new hydrofoming plant of Metalbarges in Spain.

DE November 6-7, 2001

Fellbach, Germany

2nd International Hydroforming Convention by IFU Stuttgart at the Schwabenlandhalle Stuttgart / Fellbach, Germany

contact: aust@ifu.uni-stuttgart.de

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