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  News date: September 11, 2000 News


Corus Hyfo
PO Box 10000
1970 CA IJmuiden
The Netherlands

phone: Netherlands +31 (0) 251 496 336 Mr. Maurice van Giezen
phone: UK +44 (0) 1633 464 805 Mr. Paul Burke

Corus Hyfo launches the Tubular Blank

On the Tube 2000 trade fair held in Düsseldorf this spring, Corus launched THE Tubular Blank, a laser welded product in steel, aluminium or stainless steel specifically developed for hydroforming applications in the automotive industry.

Unlike conventional tubes, THE Tubular Blank is produced out of a blank, allowing for custom-made solutions as extremely thin-walled, conical or tailored. Besides additional benefits as an exact-to-length and burr-free product, the specific forming and laser-welding process ensures an improved formability and an A-class surface.

Now Corus Hyfo, the hydroforming marketing unit, has organised an Open House Event on September 28h, to celebrate the kick-off of the commercial production of Tubular Blanks.

At the Open House the ambitions and potentials of Corus Hyfo and Tubular Blanks will be presented, and you will have the opportunity to visit the new production location for Tubular Blanks at Automotive Tailored Blanks in Bunschoten, the Netherlands.

Interested ? Please contact Mr. Maurice van Giezen or Mr. Paul Burke

Used with permission of Corus Hyfo


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