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News date: September 9, 2000. News


A Division of Allied Products Corporation
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Contact: Bob Sloan

Allied Products Corporation's Verson Division To Install New Tubular Hydroform Press.

The Verson division of Allied Products Corporation (NYSE: ADP) announced that it is installing a tubular hydroform press at Tenneco Automotive in Elkhart, Indiana. The 1,500-metric-ton press will be used to manufacture hydroformed exhaust parts and is scheduled to be installed in next month.

Tubular hydroforming is a state-of-the-art process that involves internally pressurizing a straight or pre-formed tube and expanding the tube into a die cavity. By reducing part weight, increasing part strength and reducing the number of parts per assembly, tubular hydroforming optimizes the production process of such automotive parts as exhaust, chassis and frame components.

"Verson is excited to participate in the tubular hydroform marketplace," commented Robert Sloan, Verson's regional sales manager responsible for tubular hydroforming. "This is a highly dynamic segment of the metal forming industry, and Verson's hydroforming equipment was developed to address the demanding needs of the North American market in terms of equipment flexibility and customization to local standards."

Allied Products consists of the Verson division, which manufactures large metal forming presses; the Verson Standard Products Division, which produces small metal forming presses; Verson Pressentechnik GmbH, a joint venture based in Germany that markets stamping presses and related systems; and Precision Press Industries, which fabricates large welded components.

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