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Anton Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

Utilization of the HYPROLOC 3000 Hydroforming Machine for High Volume Production
The HYPROLOC 3000 machine developed in 1997 is equipped with a mechanical die locking system with a hydraulic elongation compensation membrane. This system is proven as an efficient alternative to hydraulic presses used for the hydroforming process. The machine has been used for prototyping and small batch production by Anton Bauer since mid 1997.
In spring 2000 the HYPROLOC 3000 machine will be utilized for high volume production by a German automobile manufacturer. In addition to the hydroforming operation, the fully automated production line for the Volkswagen AG plant at Braunschweig will include operations such as bending and laser cutting. Multi-cavity dies will be used for the production of several axle components.
Also in the spring of 2000, Royal Laser Tech Corporation will start prototyping and small batch production activities of hydroformed parts at its Etobicoke facility in Ontario, Canada, with a HYPROLOC 3000 machine.
The Canadian partner company of Anton Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, Valiant Machine & Tool Inc., will provide prototyping and small batch production services with a HYPROLOC 3000 machine by the first quarter of 2000.

Anton Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

Valiant Machine & Tool Inc., Canada and Anton Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany have signed a hydroforming technology transfer agreement. The alliance is aimed at offering customers cost effective, full service support in hydroforming technology The hydroforming products and services of the alliance include:

  • Feasibility studies & simulation
  • Part & process development
  • Prototyping
  • Production equipment & tooling
  • Turnkey automated production lines
  • After-sales service

Valiant and Anton Bauer offer in-house services including advanced engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, system tryout, commissioning, installation, training and production support. Currently, the alliance has support offices and manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Schuler Hydroforming

Alternative Machine Concept for Hydroforming Presses

Reduced Set-Up Times and Modularity for Hydroforming Equipment of the Future
Schuler Hydroforming GmbH & Co. KG and Schuler SMG GmbH & Co. KG have jointly developed an alternative machine concept for hydroforming presses. This new machine type - having been introduced, in form of a study, on the Euroblech Exhibition to the circle of experts - will adequately complement the conventional column or four post hydroform presses. Contrary to these two variants, the new press is designed in multi plate design. This concept implies that small overhead cylinders close and open the press slides whilst a short stroke cylinder installed in the press bed provides the necessary closing force for hydroforming.

Dr. Walter Osen, Project Leader - Hydroforming Presses at Schuler SMG: " The new press type distinguishes itself by three main features, these being: reduced cycle times by the short stroke principle, optimal introduction of the forces into the press frame due to the steel plate package construction, standardized design and as such the possibility of gradually extending the press capacities. "As this concept is a completely new development, the capabilities have to be proven-out on a completed press under prototyping conditions.." Dr. Walter Osen: "In February 1999 the first hydroforming machine using the short stroke principle will be started-up in the Hydroform Technology Center of Schuler Hydroforming in Wilnsdorf.

The machine - built to the four column principle - will have a closing force of 50.000 kN. A cycle time reduction of up to 20 per cent is being anticipated.

The newly developed short stroke principle separates the function opening/closing of the die from the function of applying closing force. While die opening/closing is accomplished by two small fast speed cylinders, only, a large short stroke cylinder installed in the press bed provides the necessary closing force. The transmission of the forces into the press frame is accomplished by movable locking bars, which are arranged on top of the slide. These retract before the dies open again. The traditional method by which large overhead hydraulic cylinders both open/close the dies and keep the dies closed, are slower, conditional upon the technique.

A further advantage of the new hydroform press concept is the concentrated introduction of closing forces into the plate packages of the press frame. For the client, this concept provides the possibility of modular extension of his hydroforming equipment. Dr. Walter Osen. " With this new concept for example, a 2500 ton press can be gradually upgraded into a 10.000 ton press. The press will be enlarged step by step and the closing forces of the short stroke cylinders are accumulated". As such the press can be optimally adapted to suit changing dies or changing component sizes.



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