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With the increasing demand for hydroformed components, companies who wish to accelerate within this industry need to pursue technological advancements to satisfy research and development, quick design iterations and even quality audit (lot sampling).
The capabilities inherent today to satisfy this analysis are typically via finite element techniques (FEA) and tensile testing.  Costs and timing, usually on the high end, are not always indicative of the characteristics or can be easily monitored or evaluated.
An effective approach in analyzing stress and strain real-time is high-pressure burst testing.  With data collection retrievable, we can now achieve calculations for: "k" values, "n" values, region of material instability, burst pressure and ultimate deformation.
The AIRMO hydroforming high-pressure burst test system available on the market today, provides simple, safe and efficient hydrostatic testing and bursting of tubes.
The burst bench enclosed in a chamber is connected with a pump control system with high pressure hoses attached to quick disconnect couplers. The burst bench/chamber is equipped with a slide-rail system for the hydrotest heads, which allows for quick attachment to the test tube. The system allows the ability to pre-fill a tube very quickly, resulting in very short cycle time from connection to test completion.

The AIRMO hydrotest heads are designed for a broad variety of diameters, 3/4" to 6"OD and pressures to 20,000 psi. Higher pressures are available upon request.
The circular sensor array transmits dimensional changes, via high-speed data acquisition to the PC: sensor distance readings, systems pressure and time. Up to sixteen sensors are available based on the tube's range. The precision level from a diameter measurement is +/-.003".
With the ease of use in the test cycle, the operator requirements are to place the tube in the burst chamber, select maximum pressure and rate of expansion, start the test and finally remove when the test is complete. A two-minute cycle is normal.
An effort by hydroforming burst test users is to see this test practice as an industry standard.

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