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HYPROTEC® Hydroforming Technology: HYPROLOC

Mechanical Die Locking System with Hydraulic Membrane - the Alternative to Hydroforming Presses

Since 1989, Anton Bauer GmbH & Co. KG is active in the field of hydroforming technology. Since inception, the company has focused on developing cost efficient, high performance machines for hydroforming. The HYPROTEC® hydroforming technology of Anton Bauer utilizes machines and dies which have been developed to specifically suit the requirements of the hydroforming process. The machines are suitable for high-volume production as well as prototype development. In addition to the design and manufacturing of equipment and tooling, the company offers services including part and process development, prototyping and the integration of fully automated production lines.

The HYPROLOC 3000 machine developed in 1997, is equipped with a mechanical die locking system with a hydraulic elongation compensation membrane. This system has proven as an efficient alternative to hydroforming presses. The machine has been used for prototyping and small batch production by Anton Bauer since mid 1997.

Please click on the image - Anton Bauer Hyproloc 3000

HYPROLOC machines are based on a four-column frame construction with tie rods. The machines do not require floor pits and can be installed by customers who are not prepared for the physical requirements of presses. The delivery and the time required for the installation of the machines at the customer’s facility are relatively short.

The patented mechanical bayonet die locking system and the hydraulic membrane ensure full-surface force and high clamping forces.

Bayonet die locking system

For die closing, the upper die is vertically lowered through a bayonet ring onto the stationary lower die by two rapid traverse cylinders. When the upper and lower dies close, the upper side of the bayonet teeth of the bayonet body and the underside of the teeth of the bayonet ring are at the same level. The upper and lower dies are then locked together by rotation of the bayonet ring, creating a positive locking connection.

Full-surface die clamping

In all hydroforming systems the internal pressure results in a force causing frame elongation. HYPROLOC machines compensate for this elongation with a patented hydraulic membrane in the bayonet body, which is controlled automatically in proportion to the projected part surface area and the internal pressure. This guarantees for full-surface die clamping. The maximum die clamping force during the forming process is 60,000 kN.

Click on the image - Anton Bauer HYPROLOC
HYPROLOC Principle

Optimum die accessibility

HYPROLOC machines are suitable for the use of all types of hydroforming dies with maximum dimensions of 3,900 x 2,000 x 1,200 mm. Subject to the part design and the required die clamping force multiple part dies can be used, which enable the simultaneous production of several parts in one die. Utilizing a die change table, dies can be changed in less than 20 minutes. The machines have full accessibility on all four sides for ease of handling of dies and material.

Short cycle times

By separating the "die opening/closing" function and the "generation of the clamping force" function, HYPROLOC machines ensure a substantial reduction in cycle time, as compared to press systems. The force of the membrane for the elongation compensation does not affect the cycle time. For part handling during production, standard feeders or robots can be used.

With permission of Anton Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

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