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The Challenge to Revolutionize Sheet Metal Forming with the Fluid Forming Press

The fluid forming process forms a sheet metal blank by the use uniform hydraulic counter pressure. The draw punch slides into a pressurized water chamber which also functions as a female die so that a sheet metal is effectively wrapped around the punch to form the desired shape.

For optimal forming conditions the blank material, size are first determined.  Then the necessary counter pressure versus draw stroke and blank holder force are calculated and computer controlled.


  • Increase the accuracy in size of products.
  • Eliminate scratches on the show surface of products.
  • Greater uniformity of wall thickness and less localized thinning.
  • Suitable far the forming of complicated shapes.
  • Reduction of forming processes.
  • Tooling cost savings.
  • Utilization of lower grade materials in the tool.
  • Suitable for small lot production.

Published with permission of Amino, Inc. Japan


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