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This year, the EuroBlech 2000 in Hannover was a milestone for the hydroforming industry.
Last Update February 21, 2001

Let's talk hydroforming and Hydroforming at its best were the slogan of the two major hydroforming machines builders.

View of the Siempelkamp booth in Hannover.

The following companies were at the show. The listing is alphabetic.
Automation, Press and Tooling, AP&T AB, S. Dunkes GmbH, Gräbener Hydroforming GmbH, hde Metallwerk GmbH, MIIC & Co. Deutschland GmbH, Müller Weingarten AG, Oswald Hydroforming GmbH & Co. KG, Schnupp GmbH & Co. Hydraulik KG, Schuler Hydroforming GmbH & Co. KG, SPS Siempelkamp Pressen Systeme GmbH & Co. . If we missed your company, please send a email for listing.

Press Reports

"GRAEBENER HYDROFORMING as a part of the Th. Graebener Group ( further information under http://www.graebener-group.de ) took part in the EUROBLECH Exhibition for the first time. As a conclusion we can say that we had a tremendeous number of requests for information on our offered hydroforming technology and it is certain that we will participate at the next EUROBLECH.
GRAEBENER HYDROFORMING exhibited parts which are actually produced in in different customer's sops. With these parts we achieve cycle time reductions by more than 40 % with our new or retrofit of existing presses compared to competitor's presses.These reductions are a result of GRAEBENER's open control concept PressPro\'99, decentralized Axis controllers as well as the possibility to optimize the programme in the process parameters. We had requests for quotations out of all industrial applications for Tubular Hydroforming as well as Sheet Metal Hydroforming. With Sheet Metal Hydroforming a trend is shown that more and more companies want to start with this technology to use the advantages of Sheet Metal Hydroforming for niche markets as well as small batch production.Due to the fact that most of the Hydroforming Presses offered in the market are either used for Tubular Hydroforming or Sheet Metal Hydroforming and therefore often have a low usage factor GRAEBENER HYDROFORMING designed their presses for application of both technologies to guarantee an economical exploitation of the Hydroforming Presses. (Dietmar Koelsch Sales Director - Graebener Hydroforming)

SIEMPELKAMP Pressen Systeme GmbH & Co. ( http://www.sps-pressen.de/english/default.htm )
Hydroforming at its best at the Euroblech 2000 - positive result for Siempelkamp Pressen Systeme

"Hydroforming at its best" was presented by Siempelkamp Pressen Systeme - SPS, Krefeld at the Euroblech 2000 show in Hanover last December. Once again Hydroforming was the topic of the show. Numerous exhibits on SPS' stand documented the developments that were intensively brought forward by SPS in cooperation with its partners in the automotive industry during the past years.

Two specific exhibits were of particular interest to the visitors. The spaceframe concept of a SUV was the eye-catcher at SPS' stand. A 1:18 model of a Jaguar E-type sports car which was hydroformed from a welded aluminum tube by an innovative manufacturing process proved the enormous potential of this process that allows expansions of more than 100 %. In cooperation with an industrial partner SPS are continuously developing and improving this process to push it forward for applications in prototype and series production of "real" parts.

Apart from innovative concepts and hydroformed components SPS also presented new developments for production methods. A fully-operative model of a Sheet Metal Hydroforming device demonstrated in practice the variety of applications this innovative technology offers. With this new concept that was specifically developed from conventional tube hydroforming together with the "Lehrstuhl für Umformtechnik" (Institute for Forming Technology) of the University of Dortmund sheet metal is forced into a die cavity by water at high-pressure (up to 2,000 bar). The sheets will take the shape of the die contour and retain this shape durably with repeatable accuracy.

This innovative technology promises a considerable potential of development and advancement. Even large-sized workpieces or material with particular forming properties that are normally difficult to form can be manufactured economically. The first machine of this type will be delivered by SPS in 2001.

An improved hydroforming concept, presented at the Euroblech 2000 show for the first time raised the visitor's attention. This concept combines the advantages of an economic short-stroke principle with the advantages of an optimum accessibility for tool change and part handling.

As in past years SPS participated together with other members of the Siempelkamp group of companies which demonstrated once again combined competence to jointly accomplish complex manufacturing tasks. With numerous interesting and promising contacts that were established in Hanover the Euroblech 2000 show has once again turned out a great success for Siempelkamp Pressen Systeme. We are looking forward to the next Euroblech in 2002 but first the SAE 2001 in Detroit (March 5th - 8th, Cobo Center, booth 5032) is waiting for us!



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