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internet: http://nsmwww.eng.ohio-state.edu

Established in 1986, the Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing focuses on the manufacture of discrete parts to net or near net dimensions via tube hydroforming, stamping, precision forging, and high-performance machining. The ERC/NSM is the leading R&D group in Tube Hydroforming technology in North America. The Tube Hydroforming (THF) consortium is conducted with the support of the National Science Foundation and more than 30 companies worldwide.

  • Aida Engineering, Ltd., JAPAN
  • Alcoa, PA, USA
  • Benteler Industries, Inc., MI, USA
  • Bethlehem Steel Corp., PA, USA
  • Budd Co., MI, USA
  • Cardington Yutaka Technologies, OH, USA
  • Cockerill Sambre, BELGIUM
  • Daimler Chrysler, GERMANY
  • Dana Corp., PA, USA
  • Dofasco, CANADA
  • Erie Press Systems (EPS), PA, USA
  • Extrude Hone Co., PA, USA
  • Honda R&D Americas, Inc., OH, USA
  • Hydro Raufoss Automotive, MI, USA
  • Johnson Controls, WI, USA
  • Kawasaki Hydromechanics Corp., JAPAN
  • Kawasaki Steel Corp., JAPAN
  • Kobe Steel Ltd., JAPAN
  • LTV Steel Tubular Products Inc., OH, USA
  • MascoTech Tubular Products Division, MI, USA
  • Mold Tooling Systems (MTS), MI, USA
  • Nippon Steel Corp., JAPAN
  • POSCO Technology Management Dept., KOREA
  • Reynolds Metals, VA, USA
  • Schuler Hydroforming GmbH & Co, GERMANY
  • Siempelkamp Pressen Systems (SPS) GmbH, GERMANY
  • Tenneco Automotive, MI, USA
  • Tower Automotive, WI, USA
  • Usinor, FRANCE
  • Vehma International of America, Inc., MI, USA
  • Weirton Steel Corp., WV, USA

The ultimate goal of the THF consortium is to develop computerized guidelines for designing tube hydroforming part, tooling, and process for given part geometry and material properties. To fulfill the goal, five main research tasks are carried out.

  • Formability tests of tubular materials
  • Pre-forming and bending tube analysis
  • Friction and lubrication
  • Finite element analysis based die and process design
  • dvelopment of guidelines for part and process design for Tube Hydroforming

Maximum Thinning is 37%

Automotive Structural Part Simulation - good agreement between FEM predictions and experimental data ( experimental part provided by Dana Corp., 1998)

  • Bulge tests at a tube manufacturing company
  • Forming of Y-shapes at the facilities of a press builder
  • Bulge forming of various sections at the facilities of a die manufacturer and press builders
  • Forming of structural parts with inserted tooling, in cooperation with a press builder

At the ERC/NSM, we designed and developed the formability test tooling which is used to generate mechanical property data for tubular materials commonly used in tube hydroforming industry. We also have a custom viscous media tube forming tooling and a custom tube forming friction test tooling which can be used to conduct experiments on our Minster Double Action 160 ton Hydraulic press. As for the computation facilities, the ERC/NSM is using commercial software, which is widely used by industry, such as PAMSTAMP, LS-DYNA 3D, DEFORM and FEMB for FEM process simulation purposes; I-DEAS and Pro/Engineer for CAD design purposes.

In addition to the experiments conducted at the ERC/NSM, a series of experiments are planned to be conducted at the facilities of the member companies as they offer advantages of running experiments in the real industrial tube hydroforming production systems.

SS 304 Tubes used in Formability tests


The ERC/NSM usually held conferences about hydroforming.

Please visit the ERC/NSM web site for more information or check the schedule web site at hydroforming.net.

Published with the permission of theERC/SNM Stae of Ohio University.


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