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Tube Handling System by


ABB TubeHandling, a specific packaging solution for the tube industry is a new development from ABB Flexible Automation. This solution is well proven and does the best “stacker” work for several leading companies.

ABB robot IRB4400 with gripper ABB robot IRB4400 with gripper

Description of TubeHandling

An ABB’s six-axis pallet robot automatically produces all standard tube pallet patterns for a variety of containers. By entering the tube and pallet pattern parameters, the positions of the tubes are automatically calculated; there is no need to teach the robot positions manually. Container tolerances can generally be compensated for when entering the parameters. Grip sensors stop the robot immediately if the tubes or containers are out of position.

The TubeHandling-System (THS) comes with one or two pallet points as standard, THS100 left/right and THS200.

The following tasks can be performed:


  • Even palletising in rows and columns
  • Stacks of hexagonal arrangements
  • Optional handling of between 1 and 9 tubes per stroke
  • Placing into various containers, such as pallets, wire mesh boxes or other

Summary Tube ranges
Tubes: ? 10 to 150 mm
Length: 100 to 2000 mm
Weight: <35 kg/cycle

Performance data for TubeHandling-System
Handles up to 4050 tubes/hour
Conversion times of 5-10 minutes

Uses equipment to its full potential
Enables continuous production
Short payback
Reducion of noise

Overview of pallet patterns overview of pallet patterns

Description of TubeWorks

TubeWorks is a user friendly, Windows-based interface. It allows parameter sets to be entered and logged in a simple way. These parameter sets are necessary for the steel tube palletising system. At the same time, most of the data is checked for plausibility when it is entered. This means that incorrect parameter sets can be recognisedand corrected before production starts.

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