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Volkswagen relies on hydroforming for rear axle

Reduced Number of Components

The Volkswagen AG relies on a new hydroforming production system for volume production of rear axle components for the A-platform 4WD models (VW Bora, VW Golf, Audi TT and Audi A3), delievered by Schuler Hydroforming GmbH & Co. KG. In comparison with the conventional rear axle production where welded deep drawn components are used, the automotive industry now enjoys the many advantages hydroforming has to offer. With hydroforming rear axle components such as the main tube, the control arm and the filler tube can be produced at lower cost, better quality and with increased rigidity. In the first year of volume production 750.000 hydroformed components will leave the production line.
The decision to integrate hydroformed components into various models of their VW-A-Platform has been primarily influenced by the advantages these components have to offer: welding operations, which were previously necessary to join the half shells, are eliminated. In the conventional production of the main tube for examples four parts are required, whereas with hydroforming the same component can be produced as one single part. In addition, when test results of conventionally produced components are compared with test results of hydroformed components, the rigidity of the latter is considerably higher. The complete production system consists of: Robot-automated Bending Cell, Hydraulic Hydroforming press complete with water hydraulics and pressure intensifier, Laser cutting station, End trimming and flanging unit. file "eng080999.htm"




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