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Schuler Incorporated
15300 Commerce Drive North
Dearborn, MI 48120-1222

phone: +1 (313) 441-0084
fax: +1 (313) 441-2498

Where the action is

Detroit, center of the American automobile industry, was the location chosen by Schuler for its new US headquarters, due to open in early 2001. The new focal point of Schuler's US operations will also house the company's Hydroforming Tech Center for the USA. After expanding its hydroforming facilities in Wilnsdorf, Germany, the new facility represents a further step toward increased customer proximity for hydroforming partnerships. In the first phase of the new development, 15 hydroforming specialists in Detroit will set about developing ready-to-manufacture hydroforming parts together with users from the automotive and fittings industries. The new production and assembly halls will feature three hydroforming presses with a maximum die closing capacity of 85000 kN (9450 U.S. tons) for prototyping and small batch manufacturing of complex hydroformed parts. file "eng060700.htm"




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