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GSI Lumonics™
Cosford Lane
Rugby, CV21 1QN


High-power laser systems

Over 44 Units Will Cut Hydroformed Tubes at Tower Automotive and Metalsa Facilities

KANADA, ONTARIO, Canada, January 12, 2000 — GSI Lumonics™ has received a $12 -million order from Tower Automotive of Milwaukee, Wis., and Metalsa of Monterrey, Mexico, for over 44 AM153 modular high-power laser systems that will be used to cut hydroformed tubes and complete truck frames for the Daimler Chrysler DR 2002 program. The first systems will be installed in April and the full order will be completed by year-end.
Tower Automotive and Metalsa ordered the AM153 with GSI Lumonics' new robotic cutting head and a custom miniature right angle cutting head developed by High YAG of Germany. "The benefit of this system with the robotic head is the flexibility," states Patrick D. Austin, vice president of Sales, GSI Lumonics. "It allows the customer to add, delete and move holes where needed."
According to Austin, other lasers of this power range require a dedicated chiller with up to 75kW capacity. However, where sufficient factory water is available at 40 degrees centigrade (104 degree Fahrenheit) or less, the AM153 needs only a 15kW chiller. This 80 percent reduction in the dedicated chiller requirement results in significant savings in capital and operating costs.
"Tower Automotive did an exhaustive search and compared different laser suppliers. GSI Lumonics was the clear winner," states a Tower spokesperson. DCT of Sterling Heights, Mich., will be the integrator of the entire system
The AM series robotic cutting head ordered by Tower Automotive and Metalsa is an auto-focus robotic end-effector designed specifically for use in automotive or other industrial manufacturing environments where demands on quality, production throughput and durability are extremely high. The rugged, stainless steel laser cutting head focuses the laser beam onto the workpiece, maintains focus and delivers assist gas while cutting.
Small, narrow, lightweight and featuring a unique right-angle design, the robotic cutting head provides a number of usability benefits. It integrates seamlessly with robotic control equipment and can access tight areas without interference. The right-angle design allows fiber routing without the loop typically found above cutting heads, further enhancing access to the work area. Quick-change, pre-aligned gas nozzles and focusing optics are time savers. An optional closed caption television (CCTV) monitoring system provides an image of the cutting head¹s focal system through the laser optics.
GSI Lumonics Inc. brings laser-based automated advanced manufacturing systems, instrumentation and components to leading industrial companies worldwide. The Company supplies products and service to the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, medical and consumer packaging markets. GSI Lumonics™ shares are listed on the NASDAQ (GSLI) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (LSI). The Company¹s web site is at file "eng031400.htm"




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